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I have been grooming dogs since I was 10 years old. I have owned and operated my own salon for 22 years and I know how owners struggle in maintaining the skin, coat, ears and nails of their dogs.
I’m convinced I came to this earth to work with and help dogs and other animals we choose to share our lives with. The best way for me to help the dogs that I care so deeply for is to teach and support dog owners.


Who is Terrie and what is she about?


My parents were breeders of both Canadian and American championship Irish Setters, when I was a kid. My Uncles were into the Sporting breeds and I spent a fair bit of time following them around as I grew up. This is how the foundational work was formed. Watching, listening, observing the behaviour of dogs living in a natural environment and doing what they were meant to do.

I grew up in rural Ontario and life was about being close to animals and nature. After business college and a brief 6-year term as an Insurance Broker. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to maintain any kind of happiness or joy for myself in “The Cell.” I mean cubicle. They let me go, I just refused to behave. What felt like the biggest rejection and heart ache at the time, turned out to be the beginning of very bold and courageous journey for me.

I took my two dogs I cared for at the time for a long walk in the woods and the three of us had a good long chat. Me tossing sticks into the stream, them willingly and joyfully retrieving after each toss. I asked, “what am I doing when I am the happiest?” The answer was quick and simple. I was happiest when I was with them, my two fur kids, Beau and Sadie.

I knew from that moment, I had to create a business for myself that had something to do with dogs. That was the summer of 1992 and by the time the summer of 1996 rolled around, I had opened TLC Dog Grooming.

It’s been a steady growth since the beginning and the time has flown by at lightning speed. I have always been committed to educating my clients by sharing stories, giving seminars and volunteering in the community.

I have noted a common theme over the years and that is dog owners often struggle with common or similar challenges. They arrive in my salon with a lot of questions, they are often frustrated, at times they are confused and sometimes they are embarrassed. There is a common thread to most of their dog related problems.

I have decided to do something that will assist dog owners other than just my one on one clients. I want to talk about these problems and show folks what they can do to eliminate their grooming woes. I help dog owners learn how to care for their dogs at home so that they no longer feel embarrassed when they do show up at the grooming salon. I help dog owners gain a better understanding of how to care for and maintain their dog’s coat, so that they can feel confident that their dog’s grooming needs are always being met.

They learn how to brush and comb and what tools to buy. They have a better understanding of how to hold their dogs in supportive ways so that their time spent grooming at home is an experience of mutual trust and respect. My goal is to give dog owners the encouragement and insight into what it is that they specifically need to do to care for their dog at home on their own. Whether they are an existing client and I see them several times a year? Or they are looking for support between grooming visits, or they are 100% DIY’ers. I have wisdom and experience to share with you.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for the Trust.

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