Bath Only

This service is NOT limited to just short hair breeds only.  Some of our clients choose to come in weekly for this service and yes it is perfectly fine to bath your dog weekly.  In fact we highly recommend it. Animal products such as shampoos and conditioners have come a very long way in the last 4 decades.  Which means we offer some fantastic shampoos, conditioners, conditioning sprays and detanglers that will keep your dog’s coat shinny, and their skin healthy.


Let me explain the process and why so many dog owners take advantage of this extremely helpful and supportive service.

We use a bathing system in our salon that recirculates the water and the shampoo together while we bath your dog.  This process ensures that the shampoo and the water is penetrating the coat and getting down to the skin. The shampoo is lifting dander and debris off the skin while at the same time, it is cleaning the hair as well.  Your dog is also getting a warm massage as the water gently pulses over the muscles and joints on their body.

We also use our ear cleaner made from Witch Hazel, Aloe and Tea Tree Oil to clean your dog’s ears.  It is important to clean and maintain your dog’s ears on a regular basis. A regular bath is one of the most supportive ways in which to ensure that those ears are pink, clean and free of bacteria and infection.

All the dogs that we see in our salon are dried with a high velocity dryer and this is another very important step in the bathing and grooming process.  The velocity dryer preforms the following that is very beneficial to dogs, dog owners and the grooming process.

  1. The velocity dryer blows the water off the dog’s body, thus speeds up the total drying time.
  2. The velocity drying blows the hair up from the skin which

A. Allows the groomer to clearly see the skin for lumps, bumps, sores (if any), ticks, hot spots, or changes in the skin that were not noted in previous REGULAR visits.
B. Blows the loose hair and or undercoat up off the skin, enabling the skin to breath properly and to allow light and air to reach the skin.
C. Allows for any matting that may be present on the dogs coat and thus can be brushed and combed out easier.

The next process is your dog is then fluff dried by hand.  Fluff drying requires talent, skill and is an art that is not used in salons as it once was.  The fluff drying process is what gives your dog that gorgeous salon pampered look. When we put a dog into a style, whether it be a traditional breed specific style, a puppy cut or any of the scissored styles, we prefer to straighten the hair by hand.

It allows for an even trim; thus we have provided the look and style that customers have come to love and expect from us.  We are also able to ensure that there are no matts or tangles in the hair as every inch of the dog’s body has been thoroughly brushed and combed out.

Scheduling a bath only appointment with us helps to ensure that your dog always has a healthy and clean coat.  The ears are kept clean and free of any dirt and debris. If anything is discovered, we report it to you. Which allows you, the responsible dog owner, to choose how you wish to proceed with a visit to your veterinarian, and/or continued maintenance at home.

We also trim the nails with this service.  Proper nail maintenance is crucial to your dog’s health and well being.  We encourage all owners to work with us in helping you achieve healthy feet for your dogs.

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