Hey there folks, Terrie here from TLC Dog Grooming. 

We have been working hard at getting some useful content out to you.  We anticipated several weeks ago that there would be a very good possibility that humans around the world might be experiencing some difficulties with managing and maintaining their dog’s at home on their own.

With most if not all of the grooming salons closed here at home and quite likely internationally.  We felt that we can help out a little bit by doing what we already have been doing but doing it a little bit differently.  Below is a link to the youtube video we created on how to properly brush and comb your dog at home on your own.

This is not a task that most dog owners enjoy.  They have the love, the snuggles, the walks and all the fun things taken care of perfectly.  But the grooming part of dog ownership is often set to the side, or passed over to gals like us, and we love to help dog owners do a good job. 

Right now, you’re going to have to pick up the brush and comb that you bought and actually start to use it.

Brushes and Combs
My Go-To Brush and Comb at TLC Dog Grooming

If you don’t and we are shut in for a few more weeks, I suspect there will be a fair number of dogs out there that will be getting “the smoothie” when things finally turn around.

In the video, I share that I use a slicker brush.  This is pretty much the only brush that I use on all dogs really. 

No two slickers are created equal, I’ll let you know that right now, and hopefully you happen to have a good one on hand.  The softer slicker brushes are great for fluff drying an already clean dog that has zero knots or tangles. But the work horse is a good solid stiff slicker brush.  You will see in the video the techniques and tips that I recommend and suggest. Along with how to properly hold your dog.

Slicker Brush for Dogs
Close Up of Brushing a Dog

I share the importance of not doing this work on the floor, or on the couch or the bed.  You will get the most out of your efforts if you put your dog up on a flat raised level surface.  Add a non slip mat to that surface and you are well on your way.

Working from down on the floor or on the furniture brings too many challenges for you and your dog.  

They can easily walk away.

The floor is for play and that is what their focus is on when you get down there with them.

The furniture is for snuggling or laying around, and that can make it very difficult for you to see all the hard to reach areas.  Trust me, I know a couch brusher when I see one, every time, hands down. Don’t be a couch brusher.

The next important step to remember is the metal comb. 

Always check the work that you have done with your brush by going over the area with the comb.  If there are any knots or tangles or worse, mats….the metal comb will find them immediately. This is your cue to put the comb down and go back over the areas with your brush.  And repeat until you are able to get the comb to glide through your dog’s coat with ease.

From head to tail.  From shoulders to toes, ears and beard and all that is in between.  You always want your metal comb to float through your dog’s coat.


Remember that the longer the hair gets the more often you are going to need to pick up that brush and comb.

If your dog hasn’t had a bath in a few weeks, there is no time like the present to get busy with that as well.  When your dog’s coat is clean, it is easier to brush and comb. You will notice this if you stick with me on learning how to care for and maintain your dog’s coat.  When they have dirt and oil in their hair, it becomes very difficult to work with. It is as though a dirty coat attracts the mats, the knots and tangles. Get them clean and the issue becomes less of a challenge.

Having said that, do not fall into the danger zone of forgetting to brush and comb your dog after you have bathed them.  In fact I recommend that if you cannot find the time to do this step, then hold off on the bath until you CAN. When people bath their dog without the follow through of a complete brush and comb after the bath, they really get into trouble.

I see this the most in dogs that are all white or mostly white.  They bath often for the obvious but if there are knots, tangles or mats in the dog’s hair?  Those trouble spots get tighter and bigger. Do it twice and it gets worse. Bath a dog three times in a row without ever using a brush or a comb after the bath and you will have a very matted mess on your hands. So do not fall into that trap.  Beware this one catches about 7 out of every 10 dog owners.

I hope that this has help you folks out there and I hope that you are not struggling and worrying how to manage things on your own at home.  We here to help and support you through this the best that we can.

Stay safe, be well and we will be seeing you soon.

Demo: Brushing and Combing Your Dog at Home

Watch some of these techniques in action in our latest video on YouTube.  If you have any questions or comments please let us know. We are here to help you and provide support.

What are your grooming challenges? Drop me a comment below!

Big Love,