Hello folks, Terrie here from TLC and I hope that this finds you, your family, your pets and everyone that you love, safe and healthy.  I suspect we are going to be experiencing this “quarantine” for a bit longer than we all originally anticipated.  

I am REALLY glad that I did a little bit of preparing before we had to close the shop.  Below is a link to our newest YouTube video trying to help everyone out with managing their dog’s toenails.

This is one area of dog grooming, maintenance and care that has the humans freaked out the most.  It’s also the area that gets forgotten about, and in a lot of cases ignored. Which is unfortunate because it’s a HUGE deal to the health and well being to your dog.


Giphy of a Toe Nail Trim at TLC Dog Grooming


What Happens When Your Dog’s Nails Get Too Long?

The toenails can, and will, interfere with their ease of movement if they are not trimmed back regularly.  When the nails get long a few things happen:

  1. The quick grows along with the nail and so does the vein just in front of the quick.
  2. The toes will start to splay out because they are coming into contact with all the different surfaces that they are walking on.
  3. Over time, this affects the overall health of the foot.
  4. That has the potential to negatively affect the legs, shoulders, neck, back, rear end etc
  5. They struggle to navigate themselves through everything, from simple walking, to going up and down stairs, to running and playing.

So the nails are a big deal and they do need to be looked after.  What I suggest for the situation we have in front of us right now is for owners to do a weekly inspection of their dog’s feet.  Check the hair in the pads. Make sure it’s clean and dry.


Implement Toenail Tuesday

Then move onto the nails.  Jess has a little thing that she does with Ladybug and it’s called “Toenail Tuesday.”  Every Tuesday LadyPants gets her nails done. It’s a routine that she started a long time ago, so that LB’s nails don’t become overgrown.  It works very nicely for them and I recommend something similar to our folks out there in the “interwebs.”


Cutting Your Dogs Nails with TLC Dog Grooming


Just Take The Tips 

Don’t get all brave unless you are 100% confident that you are not going to have an accident.  That’s why I suggest just taking off the tips. It will keep everyone safe AND in doing just the tips……you are stopping the nails from getting any longer.

So name Tuesday, “Toenail Tuesday,” in your house and try it.  If your dog is a wiggle pants there are few ticks to consider.  I did a live stream video a week or so ago giving some tips. I share some holding methods to try and I do a demo on my own dog’s nails.  Just taking the tips off.

Demo: Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

A few days later we got this video starring “Oliver” the Havanese where he helps me show the hoomans how we do it.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Especially during these times. I think there is a good possibility that we will be locked up for quite a bit longer and we want to do our best to serve our local community as well as those struggling elsewhere. 

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