Dog Grooming Services

We provide countless services for our canine friends at TLC.  You don’t always have to have a head to tail full grooming to have your dog looking and feeling fantastic.  We have highlighted our most common services that we consistently offer.

Have a scroll through to learn about the many ways that we can support and assist you in maintaining a healthily clean coat and skin for your dog.



We specialize in grooming TOY & MINI breeds, only.  Specifically, dogs that weigh 35 lbs or less AND are 12 inches or less in height.

We ensure that our tools are always up to date and our equipment is top of the line.  This enables us to style your dog in a professional and timely manner. Thus, returning our client’s dogs to their happy homes as quickly as possible.

Customer communication is vital at TLC Dog Grooming.  Upon each visit to the salon, myself and my staff spend as much time as necessary to discuss style, medical issues, and each customer’s busy time schedule.  Many of our dogs have medical conditions that must be identified and discussed with their owners. We want to know what your veterinarian recommends and suggest is the best method for care and maintenance of your dog.  We also communicate to your when we see possible problem areas. An example of this is ear infections. If your loved one has ears that appear to be “angry looking,” swollen, red or full of hair that may be affecting the ears.  Myself and my staff ensure that you are made aware, so that you can make a choice on whether you wish to investigate further with your veterinarian.

* We LOVE the big fellas, but regrettably I have had to put down my brushes, combs , and scissors for the bigger, heavier hair friends that I truly enjoy grooming. We can offer advise, support, and answer your questions or concerns, absolutely, we are there for you. However, I am physically no longer capable of servicing the bigger fur babies.

General Pricing

*These prices are estimated prices only and are subject to change upon a hands on through examination/inspection of your dog and we are given the opportunity to give a more detailed consultation.

Toys, Mini’s & Smaller Breeds
(Toy & Mini Poodle, Shih tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, & mixes etc.)

• Pricing Starts at $63.00 and up PLUS HST

Medium Breeds
(Lhasa, Cockapoo, Havanese, & mixes etc)

• Pricing Starts at $68.00 and up PLUS HST

All Grooming Prices Include

  • Hydro-surge Bath
  • Fluff Dry by Hand
  • Your choice of Nature’s Specialties Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Hair Style of Your Choice
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Nails Cut
  • Groin Shaved & Sanitary Tidy
  • Unconditional Tender Loving Care

Additional Services

Special Shampoo

Feet & Nails Only

*special handling charge may apply

Nail Grinding

Face Tidy Up

Pull Hair From Ears
*upon request only on the advise of your veterinarian

Nail Cut Only

Poodle Feet

Anal Glands

Nail Cut & Grinding

De-Matting or Pre-Clipping
$10.00 / $20.00

Additional Fees

No Shows

1st No Show: $50.00 fee
2nd No Show: No appointment will be made until grooming is pre-paid in full

Kennel Fees

Failure to pick up your dog in a reasonable time after their grooming will result in kenneling fees.

$20.00 fee for first hour
$15.00 part hour thereafter

HST Extra on all services
We accept Cash, Check, and E-Transfer payments

Ask a Question

We endeavor to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call us and try to catch us in person at 905.387.1300.


(905) 387-1300


(905) 387-1300