Ear Cleaning and Removing Hair in the Ears

Ear cleaning is included in all our grooming services.  However, often dogs need their ears looked at, cleaned and maintained in some manner between groomings.  If a dog has medication prescribed by their veterinarian, it is often of great assistance to dog owners if we help them keep the ear area free of hair and debris.


Owners can schedule an appointment with us and we will clean out their dog’s ears with our ear cleaner and cotton pads.  If there is excess hair in the ear canal itself and the owner feels that they would like to have that hair removed, we will also do it for them upon request.

We do that in two ways.

  1. We trim it back with our scissors or our surgical blade.  This process is often all that is required to remove the hair in the ears.  
  2. We use our haemostats and gently twist the hair and pull it out of the ear canal.  

Cleaning a dog’s ears and removing the hair in the ears is a very controversial and often heavily debated topic in the grooming industry.  My policy is, always has been and always will be…..”do as the client asks as per their veterinarian recommendations.” This mind set has proven to  be the best way forward for everyone involved.

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