Face, Feet & Fanny

This service is a HUGE service that our clients absolutely love.  

Our clients that are looking to have their dog freshened up between FULL grooming visits will request this service.  In other words, this is a good service between the full Head to Tail service.


Typically, pre-booked 4 weeks after a full grooming.  We bath your dog, fluff dry by hand, remove the hair from between the pads, scissor around the feet and blend the hair on the legs, trim the hair over the eyes, tidy up the face, trim the fanny, sanitary trim, and cut the nails.

No hair comes off the body or the legs for this service.  It is intended to freshen up the coat, clean up the pads and feet.  Maintain the nails and keep the Fanny neat and tidy. We recommend dogs that are styled in puppy cuts, layered cuts and hand scissored cuts follow this schedule.

Full Grooming, Head to Tail – (Every 6 to 8 weeks)

4 weeks later, pre-book, Face, Feet and Fanny

4 weeks later, pre-book a Full Grooming Head to Tail

And Repeat.  

Most clients book 7, Face, Feet and Fanny Tidy Up Groomings ALL year round AND 6, Head to Tail Full Groomings, ALL year round.

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