Getting the dog groomed for the wedding, 9 times out of 10, seems to be the last box checked off on the long list of “to do’s.”  I get it, totally understandable, there’s a TON of things to get in order, pay for, organize, prepare for and feel happy about it all.

I have lost count of how many times I get a call on a Wednesday afternoon, or worse, a Friday morning and it’s THE BRIDE!   Dudley is walking her down the isle tomorrow afternoon and she wants him “cleaned up.”

TLC Dog Grooming Walking Down the Aisle with Your Dog

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A Common Scenario…

Dudley is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he’s never met me, never been to my salon.  In fact, Dudley has never even been groomed in the 6 years he’s been alive.  Yet for some strange reason, the bride decides that NOW is when she’s going to have him seen by a pro.  She wants him fresh and smelling great for the guests and looking fine as he walks up that aisle.

Can any of you see the problem that exists here?  Anything, anything at all?  Good, because there are several of them, and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if it’s Dudley the Bernese we’re talking about, or Oscar the Maltipoo, or Rocky the Yorkie.

If you know that you are getting married on Saturday, September 21st, and you want your dog to be present in some manner, here’s some helpful tips on preparing for that big day, so that you avoid disappointments.

TLC Dog Grooming Including Your Dog on Your Wedding Day

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Consider These Three Things for your Dog During Wedding Planning

1. Pre Book Your Appointment

PRE BOOK your appointment a day or two before the actual big day.  The last thing you need is to be stressing out on whether or not that salon is running on time and you’ll be late to your own wedding.  Pre book and let the staff know that it’s your wedding day. Trust me, they’ll stand on their heads to deliver, and they’ll appreciate the communication.

2. Schedule A Touch Up

Consider having the dog groomed a few weeks prior to the wedding for the actual full grooming and hair cut.  Return a day or two before the actual big day for your already pre-booked appointment for just a bath and tidy.  We call this service Face, Feet and Fanny. You’ll be in and out faster, and your pup will have a lot more spunk to perform and put a smile on the faces of your guests.

3. Start a Relationship…

If you don’t already have your dog groomed on a regular consistent basis, consider changing that in the months prior to the wedding. Realize that dogs thrive on consistency, and they often feel overwhelmed when they are put into new experiences.  If you have been grooming your Bichon 100% yourself since he or she was puppy and now they are 5 or 3 or 8 years old? Now is not the time to have a professional turn them into prince charming for you.  Give him or her, as well as the salon, the opportunity to work together a few times before jumping into this.

I feel a tiny bit of stress every time a bride to be calls to book that “special” appointment.  I breathe a little bit easier when I know the dog and the dog knows me equally as well. They know what to expect when they arrive.  Which means they are already confident in having me handle them.

I know their hair, how it lays, the challenging spots and I know what the owners like and don’t like.  So that relationship piece that is so important in dog grooming has already been predetermined and built upon.  When I get a new client and it’s specifically for her wedding day?! I just can’t say enough how nerve wracking it can be for everyone. Starting a relationship with your dog groomer early is the best way to ensure your dog has the right look for your wedding day. 

I’m Sorry, We’re Booked…

Lastly, there is nothing worse than a bride calling a day or two before she needs her actual appointment.  Which is generally on a Saturday, of course. Doesn’t matter whether I know them well or not. If she is calling me on a Tuesday for the coming Saturday, the likelihood of me having ANY availability for her is slim to none.

My Saturday clients book a year in advance.  This is a very common practice in grooming salons around the globe.  Avoid yourself the stress and disappointment by deciding where you are going to go and book it well in advance.

I hope this has helped any of the brides to be and congratulations to you.  If you have friend that is on her way to becoming “Bridezilla” and you think what I have shared here will support her in easing her stress, please go ahead and share it with her.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives in this way.   I’d love to hear from you with your questions, comments and concerns about the grooming needs of your dog.  Whether you are looking to bump up your game in between professional dog grooming visits at home? Or you are a complete 100% DIY’er…….your feedback and questions, help me help others.  

For more grooming tips, techniques, and answers to common challenges, hop on over to our Consumer Education page.  I also share a lot of behind the scenes from my shop on both Facebook and YouTube.  I’d love to see you there.

Make it a beautiful day folks.


Big Love,


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