Nail Cut Only

Many dog owners struggle to know exactly how often they should have their dog’s nails cut and or looked at for maintenance.  

Nails and how to care for and maintain them are the most often asked question in the salon, for more than 2 decades.


We take care of all of that for you.  Our nail cut only service is scheduled at two specific times of the day.  First thing in the morning before we begin grooming dogs, or at the end of the day, when we are finished grooming the dogs.

Most owners wait while we quickly, kindly and efficiently cut your dog’s nails.  Some dogs have no troubles having this done. Some dogs have a terrible time trusting that they are not going to be harmed or hurt.  Other dogs have challenges with only some parts of the process. Therefore, we prefer to schedule a specific day and time that is designated to you and your dog only.

It is quite difficult to work with afraid dogs, pulling dogs, screaming dogs and biting dogs for their nails when we are “squeezing” them into an already pre-determined, demanding and full schedule. It is also extremely unfair to the dogs that have appointments for grooming.  The excitement from the dog with the difficulties effects the dogs without the difficulties and it doesn’t take long for the entire grooming room to be affected by just one dog.

We are taking care of everyone’s needs, both animal and human by scheduling our nail cut only times in this manner. No animal willingly accepts being rushed.  It is our intention to create joyful and happy experiences for you and your dog in our salon.  In our dedication and commitment to their ease and joy, we ask that you understand that we must schedule our days appropriately.

We encourage dog owners to please schedule a nail maintenance appointment with us between grooming visits.  I trim the nails of my own dog every week to 10 days. You can never come to see me too often for a “Paw D’Cure!”

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