Nail Filing, Dremeling or Grinding

This is a very popular service and is scheduled the same as the nail cutting service.  

It is also often in addition to the nail cutting service.

Dog owners with dogs that have overgrown nails and are desiring to get them back into a healthier length will ask that we “grind” the nails or “Dremel” the nails after trimming.  The process allows us to shape and smooth out the nail and ultimately get it back closer to the nail bed and the quick area without actually causing the dog to bleed or be harmed.

For whatever reason, quite often owners are very worried about the length of their dog’s nails. With that also comes the concern about what to do about it and how often they should come in for a visit. We recommend that dog owners wishing to reduce the length of their dog’s nails, come into the salon for this service every week to 10 days. Some people will call their dog’s nail maintenance appointments “toe nail Tuesday!” and they will pre-book their dogs nails at the same day and time every week to 10 days for several months. This has been a highly successful process for many dogs and their owners over the years.

Dog owners that feel that the nails are still too sharp after they have been cut will also ask that we smooth the nail out with our Dremel.  Fresh cut nails are often very sharp and they will easily scrape a person’s skin and often cause them to bleed. This is a concern for the elderly, children and during shorts and skirt wearing season.

The dog can also very easily bring up their rear leg to scratch themselves and cut their own skin with a freshly cut set of nails.  If you own a dog that has allergies and is often scratching to relieve himself of that itch. He can easily open his skin and cause some unsightly damage to himself with very little effort.  We often recommend that owners have us smooth out the sharp edges of those nails by using our Dremel tool and thus reducing the risk of injury to themselves.

Some dogs cannot tolerate having their nails cut with nail trimmers in any way. Yet the battery operated Dremel is of no concern to them at all. Clients with dogs afraid of nail trimming love this service and it works very well as an alternative. There is an additional fee for this service, as it does take considerable accuracy, skill, patience, and knowledge to do this effectively and safely.

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